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Collect Cash Now on Your Real Estate Note!!!

We purchase real estate notes and contracts nationwide on residential and commercial properties, and free quote even vacant land. If you are currently receiving payments and want cash now for an owner financed mortgage note or if you have clients that have an interest in real estate portfolio liquidation, performing or non-performing notes. or an all-inclusive wrap (a mortgage that wraps around the 1st lien position), we can pay you cash for your future payments.

As one of the nation's leading real estate private note buyers, Kashier Corp will quickly provide you with the highest possible offer for your mortgage note or cash flow notes. In fact we guarantee the best possible price for your mortgage note or promissory note because we have the buying power to make it happen. In most cases, the entire "cash out" process can be completed within days, at no cost to you, regardless of your credit.

Selling a Mortgage Note
These days many people want to know how to sell mortgage notes in order to have access to immediate cash rather than relying on monthly payments over a period of many years. It is certainly much easier than taking out a new mortgage loan because you can sell your mortgage note quickly and easily with an experienced, professional land contract buyer. And since money will always be worth more in the present than in the future (time value of money, inflation, economics, declining value of the dollar, etc.), capitalizing on the present value of your future payments is just smart money.
Flexible Purchase Options For Your Owner Financed Note
- Full Note Purchase
- Partial Note Purchase

If you are considering selling all of your future mortgage payments and would like a lump sum now, we would do a Full Purchase. You may be looking to sell only some payments now and to receive the remainder of your payments sometime in the future. In this situation we would likely do a Partial Purchase. You can sell your mortgage note many different ways, and we'll spell out all of your available options.
How much can you expect to get for your mortgage note?
That will depend on a number of factors, including the remaining balance, free quote the time span, the property value, the financial stability of the current owner, and other intrinsic factors. Keep in mind that we are assuming the risk, so it has to make sense for us financially. However, it is always advantageous to you because a.) you are receiving a guaranteed amount of money, and b.) you are no longer taking the risk of your current owner defaulting on the mortgage note. So essentially, when you sell your mortgage notes you are buying peace of mind...and you can't put a price on that.
So Where Do I Start?
If you are looking for an immediate source of cash, you can sell a mortgage note rather quickly and you can use the cash right away, any way you want.
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Alabama Louisiana Ohio
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Arizona Maryland Oregon
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California Michigan Rhode Island
Colorado Minnesota South Carolina
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